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  • How do I apply for funding?

    1. Collect the form from the CLFA office at the Wendy Fitzwilliam Paediatric Hospital, Eric Williams Medical Complex, Trinidad & Tobago or download it here
    2. Submit the signed and completed form and all relevant documents
    3. Life Unit coordinates a clinical and financial assessment and a recommendation is submitted, through the Centre Manager / Chief Executive Officer, to the Board
    4. If the application is approved:
    a. CLFA applies for the VISA for the child and 1 parent/guardian and makes relevant flight and payment arrangements for treatment
    b. The patient is monitored and evaluated during treatment while abroad
    c. Upon return the parent/legal guardian meets with a representative from CLFA to provide relevant feedback.

(868) 225-4673 Ext. 3321 - 3324

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